Judy Blue Sizing

Judy Blue Jeans are basically one of the best arrivals to fashion in the last few years.  With amazing stretch and recovery (doesn't stretch out after hours of wear) and amazing fit for sizes 0-24W, the only crazy part is figuring out your size!

 Terms you'll likely hear when figuring out Judy Blue sizing is "true Judy Blue sizing" or "Size down 2" - which can both be confusing so we have them explained below.



Sizing for Judy Blues is 0-15 (odd sizing) and 14W-24W women's cut.

ALL Judy Blues are a women's fit and mid to high rise.

For Size 0-15W you'll find your TRUE Judy Blue size by taking your EVEN size and sizing DOWN ONE. 

They are stretchy I promise! 

Size 16 regular is a 15

Size 14 is a 13

Size 12 is an 11

Size 10 is 9

Size 8 is a 7

Size 6 is a 5

Size 4 is a 3

Size 2 is a 1 and

Size 1 is a zero.

Judy Blue sizing goes 13, 15 THEN 14W. 

The W sizing will give you more room in the hips.  If you can EVER wear juniors sizing and you're on the cusp of 16/17/18 regular you'll likely be on the odd sizing range.  We have fit videos for each pair to help you also!

If you are a 14W-24W, your TRUE Judy Blue size will be the same.


WHEN do I size down TWO??

Certain pairs of Judy Blues are EXTRA Stretchy!  Your true size will likely result in a relaxed waist and leg.  And sizing down TWO is what we call a fitted hip, booty pop look.  Fit videos for each pair are super helpful to make sure you understand fit if you're new to the brand.


Sizing down TWO can be a deceiving term so here's how it works:

2-16 Regular will size down TWO odd sizes. 

14W to 24W you'll size down instead of doing true to size. 

Size 26w wears a 24w for a fitted waist
Size 24w wears a 24w relaxed waist and a 22w fitted
Size 22w wears a 22w relaxed waist and a 20w fitted
 Size 20w wears an 20w relaxed waist and an 18w fitted
Size 18w wears a 18w relaxed waist and a 16w fitted
Size 16 regular wears 15 relaxed waist and a 13 fitted
Size 16w wears a 16w relaxed waist and a 14w fitted
Size 14w wears a 14w relaxed waist and a 15 fitted
Judy Blue sizing goes 13, 15 THEN 14W.  All Judy Blues are WOMEN’S sizing and NOT a juniors cut but a 14W will give you more room in the hips.  
Size 14 regular wears a 13 relaxed waist and an 11 fitted
Size 12 regular wears an 11 relaxed waist and a 9 fitted
Size 10 regular wears a 9 relaxed waist and a 7 fitted
Size 8 regular wear a 7 relaxed waist and a 5 fitted
Size 6 regular wears a 5 relaxed waist and a 3 fitted
Size 4 regular wears a 3 relaxed waist and a 1 fitted
Size 2 regular wears a 0 fitted